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The Making of a Norton Anthology

With Stephen Greenblatt, Martin Puchner, Wiebke Denecke, and Courtney Weiss Smith

The date of this workshop has passed.

Join anthology editors Stephen Greenblatt and Courtney Weiss Smith (the Norton Anthology of English Literature) with Martin Puchner and Wiebke Denecke (the Norton Anthology of World Literature) in conversation with members of the Norton Literature team. These editors will have a lively discussion about their experiences editing these latest editions, some new features and selections, and how they have adapted the anthologies to best suit today’s students and classrooms.

Lit Talk: Glory Edim & Kelly Mays in Conversation

With Glory Edim and Kelly Mays

The date of this workshop has passed.

Ever wish your literature class felt more like your best book club? Join Glory Edim, celebrated writer and founder of Well-Read Black Girl and Norton author Kelly Mays for a lively conversation about creating community through the reading of (and writing about) short stories.

Bring your own questions for Edim and Mays for the live Q&A following their 30-minute conversation.

All students, faculty, and fiction lovers are welcome, and all registrants will receive a recording of the event so please register if you're interested, even if you cannot attend live.

Illuminating the English Major: What Do Students Really Want & How Can Departments Respond?

With Janine Utell

The date of this workshop has passed.

Tired of hearing about the decline of the English major? Curious to hear what students value about studying English, and what they’d like to see in the future? Ready for some fresh thinking and new insights from departments across the country?

Join Norton editors for highlights from the more than 2,000 responses – from 500 colleges and universities—to The Norton Survey of English Majors and a lively conversation with Janine Utell, Program Manager at the Modern Language Association (MLA). Janine will share resources and prompt participants to think creatively and as a community about concrete actions and directions for the field.

There will be ample time for Q&A and the event will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.

Teaching the New and Unfamiliar with The Norton Anthology of American Literature

With Robert Levine and Edward Whitley

The date of this workshop has passed.

Have you found yourself having to prepare to teach a new author or work that you are unfamiliar with? This workshop will uncover strategies for how to use The Norton Anthology of American Literature and the accompanying instructor’s guide to tackle this common challenge.

Hosts Robert Levine (general editor of the anthology) and Edward Whitley (author of the instructor’s guide) will share their own classroom experiences teaching outside their comfort zones, and strategies that can help all instructors, from the newest adjuncts to the most experienced chairs.

Robert and Edward will also answer questions from the audience in an open Q&A. The event will be recorded and attendees will be able to receive a certificate of attendance.

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Archived Events

"Engaging Students in American Literature" Hosted by editors Robert Levine and GerShun Avilez

"Helping English Majors Pivot from College to Career." Hosted by Cathy Day, Ball State University

This workshop emphasizes how faculty members have an important role to play in professionalizing English majors, and shares best practices for maintaining strong English enrollments and aiding in graduates' success.

"Teaching Challenging Poems: Race, Appropriation and the Elegy." Hosted by Paisely Rekdal, University of Utah

This workshop explores the complex and sometimes incendiary ways that three contemporary poets have depicted race, racism, and their own identity formation.

"Transforming the Canon: The Challenge of World Literature." Hosted by Martin Puchner, Harvard University

In this online event, Martin Puchner discusses reimagining the English Department as a center of world literature—with practical steps that departments and faculty members can take to effect this transformation.

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