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A carefully curated suite of instructor support materials accompanies Psychology in Your Life, offering all the resources you need to make your course a success.

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High-Impact Practices: A Teaching Guide for Psychology

  • NEW High-Impact Practices: A Teaching Guide for Psychology (the HIP Guide) by Sarah Grison et al. recommends practical methods for applying the latest psychological research on teaching and learning into your intro course.
  • With brief summaries of key findings from the scholarship of teaching and learning, the HIP Guide includes advice on teaching in online and hybrid environments, creating an inclusive learning environment, incorporating active learning into the course, and more.
  • The HIP Guide is useful both for those who are new to teaching Introduction to Psychology and for experienced instructors who are looking to refresh their course with the latest research-based practices.


Norton Testmaker brings Cognition’s assessment materials online and makes it easy to build customized, data-driven assessments. Search, filter, and customize test bank questions by chapter, question type, difficulty level, learning objective, and more, then export to Microsoft Word or a common cartridge file for your LMS.

Norton Teaching Tools

The Norton Teaching Tools site is your first stop when looking for creative resources to design or refresh your course. The Norton Teaching Tools site is a searchable, sortable database of author-created resources for engaging students in active and applied learning, in the classroom or online.

Developed by author Sarah Grison to address a broad range of teaching goals and challenges, the Norton Teaching Tools site for Psychology in Your Life is the most robust and thoughtful repository of teaching resources available for Introduction to Psychology courses and includes the following resources:

  • NEW Teaching Pathways give you guided paths through the Psychology in Your Life teaching tools based on common needs (teaching online, incorporating active learning, creating an inclusive learning environment, etc.), helping you identify the tools that are the best fit for your course.
  • Active Learning and Lecture PowerPoints are designed to support active learning during lecture by providing activities, linked videos, discussion questions, and classroom response questions, all integrated with lecture outline slides reflecting the structure and content of the text.
  • Activities and Demonstrations give you ideas for engaging students in learning actively, thinking critically, and applying their knowledge. New “Take It Online” features give you concrete suggestions for implementing these active learning activities in an online course setting, and new “Suggestions for Scaling” features help you adapt the activities for larger or smaller course settings.
  • And much more, including chapter outlines and summaries, chapter learning objectives, suggested video clips, suggested reading and web sources, "Being a Critical Consumer” features, discussion prompts, instructor-facing Demonstration Videos that show you how to set up demonstrations in your own class, and teaching videos and suggestions from author Sarah Grison to help you teach tough concepts in your course.

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On-demand support from a dedicated customer success manager who will consult on course design integrate our tools into your LMS, and provide ongoing support.

In a recent survey, 91% of instructors felt supported or very supported using Norton learning tools.

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“I initially assigned Norton material because of its quality, and because I trusted the authors and contributors who published with Norton. I have continued to use those materials because of Norton's commitment to its employee-owned business model and because of the excellent customer service I receive every. single. semester.”

—Matthew D. Mingus, University of New Mexico-Gallup

“One of my favorite things about InQuizitive is also one of my favorite things about Norton in general, which is the extraordinary customer service. I was always a little bit tech-phobic—I still am a little bit tech-phobic. . . .When I finally took the plunge and adopted InQuizitive, I got an immediate phone call from a Norton rep. . . .I did not have to go through what I assumed would be a frustrating set-up on my own. I felt so taken care of.”

—Megan McNamara, University of California Santa Cruz, Foothill College, and West Valley College

“I don’t often take the time to contact companies I work with, but the consistently excellent support I’ve received from those at W. W. Norton compelled me to do so. . . . [Norton rep] has been incredibly responsive, usually able to jump on a videoconference with me within minutes of my request and walk through troubleshooting technical issues with Norton digital content. Additionally, he’s also very generous with his time and will explain the technical details and solutions so that I’m able to help faculty more directly the next time the issues comes up. . . .This kind of support and assistance from a publisher is NOT the norm.”

—Brett Pfingston, Ivy Tech Community College

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