Inclusive intro psych content, assessment, and teaching tools by an expert teacher

Award-winning teacher Sarah Grison believes that students and instructors succeed best when supported by the best learning tools. Teach and inspire your students using a book and integrated resource package with a focus on inclusion, efficacy, and outcomes, with content directly informed by empirical research.

Norton Illumine Ebook

The new Norton Illumine Ebook engages students as they read brief chunks of text, assess themselves through dynamic Learning Goal Checks with rich answer-specific feedback, and build their understanding of neurological function with a 3D brain. Hold your students accountable for their reading with seamless LMS gradebook integration.

Help Your Students Use Psychology to Learn Psychology

Using her 25 years of teaching experience, Sarah blended educational psychology research and student success support into six learning strategies, showcased throughout the book in one-page infographics. As students read, two to three actionable Learning Pauses per chapter echo the strategies they’ve encountered so far and offer students opportunities to check their learning.

Features of the NEW edition

InQuizitive award-winning assessment for just in time retrieval practice

Built by a cognitive psychologist, InQuizitive uses personalized question sets, varied interactive question types, formative answer-specific feedback, and game-like elements to help students build their comprehension of core course concepts.

ZAPS 3.0 Interactive Labs train students to think like psychologists

Students participate in experimental trials, analyze the resulting data, read about the concepts illustrated by the research, and complete assessment questions along the way in these easy-to-use activities.

Interactive 3D Brain

A new interactive 3D Brain helps students visualize and explore brain structure and function. Author Sarah Grison has written a five part pedagogical framework for each area of the brain.

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About the Author

Sarah Grison is Associate Professor of Psychology at Parkland College with 25 years of experience teaching introductory psychology, child development, adolescent development, and human sexuality in face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats every year.

Grison uses psychological research as the basis of her own empirical classroom studies to examine and support development of students’ skills in academic, personal, and professional domains. At the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Grison has provided courses and workshops for college instructors in evidence-based pedagogy, course design, and assessment, all of which aim to support instructors in helping their own students have excellent educational experiences.

What Instructors Are Saying

“As an adopter of the text since the first edition, Psychology in Your Life is a practical, comprehensive text that makes the topic of psychology fun for the students.”

—Malaika M. Brown, Citrus College and Pasadena City College

“With its affordability, excellent reader-friendly narrative, and exceptional industry-leading InQuizitive platform, I plan to continue with Dr. Grison’s text for years to come.”

—Jonathan Sparks

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