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Reinforce essential concepts, build key skills, and deepen understanding by assigning InQuizitive.

  • Informed by educational gaming design, InQuizitive’s adaptive algorithm gives students questions at the right level for them, while incorporating motivating techniques such as “leveling up,” constant score tracking, and intermittent score bonuses.
  • A wide variety of question types, both conceptual and applied, require students to think deeply about the content they’re learning. Answer-specific just-in-time feedback guides students to the correct answer on every question.
  • InQuizitive rewards effort: students can keep working through questions in InQuizitive until they reach 100%.
  • Instructors can assign premade assignments or choose particular learning objectives and can track student performance across various levels with performance reports that track individual and class-wide results.

ZAPS 3.0

NEW ZAPS 3.0 Interactive Labs are easy-to-use, affordable lab activities that invite students to actively engage in the scientific process.

  • In each ZAPS lab activity, students participate in hands-on interactive activities inspired by classic psychological studies.
  • Each lab activity follows a consistent five-part structure:
    • Introduction, in which the activity is introduced in a real-world context
    • Experience, in which students take the role of researchers or participants in interactive experiments
    • Results, in which students analyze their data graphed alongside their classmates’
    • Discussion, which connects the lab findings to a core course concept
    • Learning Check, in which students answer questions and receive answer-specific feedback to solidify their understanding
  • A Class Activity Report gives instructors detailed data on student performance and enables them to display graphed results for in-class discussion.
  • ZAPS has been completely redesigned with streamlined content, added formative assessment, enhanced visuals, and much more instructor support!

3D Brain and Neuron Animations

Interactive 3D Brain

  • Give your students a hands-on way to explore brain structure and function.
  • Students can rotate the brain, zoom in and out, and add or remove structures.
  • Encounter the 3D brain in Chapter 2: The Role of Biology in Psychology and incorporated into InQuizitive adaptive assessment questions.

Neuron Animations

  • Bring action potentials and neuronal synapses to life!
  • NEW neuron animations are incorporated into InQuizitive adaptive assessment, and the Norton Teaching Tools site features ideas on how to incorporate these interactive visualization tools into your course.

What Instructors Are Saying

“As a teacher I really appreciate the quality and variety of the instructor resources, I think this reflects the care the author has taken with this book.”

—Joseph Simons-Rudolph, North Carolina State University

“I’ve never seen a text with as many instructor resources. Way to go!”

—Kristina Howansky, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

“There is so much support here for new and experienced teachers, and for students.”

—Desiree Franks, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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