The accessible analytical framework to make sense of global events, and the tools to apply it.

Offering cutting-edge analysis and research on current issues from today’s top scholars—including new guest contributors Stephanie Rickard and Susan Hyde—World Politics helps students understand why international relations matters.

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Features of the NEW edition

Accessible anaylsis on current international issues from today’s top scholars

In the Fifth Edition, two new guest contributors, Stephanie Rickard and Susan Hyde, offer cutting-edge analysis of current issues, including the global coronavirus pandemic and trade war between the United States and China.

InQuizitive and News Analysis Activities

InQuizitive and new biweekly News Analysis Activities provide students with opportunities to apply concepts from World Politics to additional real-world and fictional examples, and analyze current events using the book’s modern framework.

New Bargaining Model Activities

New Bargaining Model activities help students understand and apply the bargaining models and game theory concepts presented in the text. Each activity includes an animation, a concept check quiz, and an opportunity to apply the concept to an issue in world politics.

About the Authors

Jeffry A. Frieden

Jeffry A. Frieden is the Stanfield Professor of International Peace at Harvard University. A specialist on the politics of international financial relations, he is also coauthor, with Menzie Chinn, of Lost Decades, a history of the 2008 financial crisis.

David A. Lake

David A. Lake is the Jerri-Ann and Gary E. Jacobs Professor of Social Sciences and Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He is, most recently, the author ofH Hierarchy in International Relations, in addition to a number of other titles. In addition, he is co-editor of 10 volumes and author of over 80 articles and book chapters on international relations, international political economy, and American foreign policy.

Kenneth A. Schultz

Kenneth A. Schultz is Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. His research examines international conflict and conflict resolution, with particular focus on the domestic political influences on foreign policy choices. He is the author of Democracy and Coercive Diplomacy, as well as numerous book chapters and articles in scholarly journals.

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