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The History of Art: A Global View is supported by a dynamic digital resource package, including an interactive ebook, the InQuizitive learning tool, a Student Site of study materials, and a suite of videos, animations, and panoramas. Accessibility is at the core of all the products we create, with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the most widely accepted voluntary international standard for accessibility, ensuring that all students will succeed in your course.

A book-specific learning package that can be adapted to your teaching approach.

The resources for The History of Art: A Global View provide students with a dynamic, comprehensive learning experience. The fully interactive ebook allows students to engage more deeply with what they read, and the suite of videos offers insights into important artists, techniques, and sites. InQuizitive ensures students engage with key learning objectives and works of art, and the Student Site offers materials for self-study.


InQuizitive, an easy-to-use adaptive learning tool, offers students visual prompts and interactive questions to help them engage with the key concepts and global works of art. Embedded ebook links encourage students to refer back to the text as they work through the assignments.

  • Over 85% of questions feature images from the text, supporting the development of visual analysis skills.
  • Question types are varied and tagged to key learning objectives from each chapter.
  • A Seeing Connections InQuizitive assignment is available for both volumes, making this feature easily assignable and gradable.

Fully interactive ebook

The ebook for The History of Art: A Global View offers a dynamic and interactive reading experience. Students can take notes, bookmark, search, highlight, and even read offline. Instructors can also add notes for students to see as they read the text. Ebooks can be viewed on all computers and mobile devices.

  • Embedded videos, animations, and 360-degree panoramas provide a sensory, interactive learning experience, expanding upon the book’s content.
  • Zoomable images allow students to engage with featured art and illustrations.
  • In-text definitions and an embedded audio pronunciation guide provide key definitions and illustrate the pronunciation of unfamiliar names and phrases.

Suite of videos, animations, and 360-degree panoramas

A curated selection of over 200 videos, including interviews with contemporary artists, animations illustrating selected “Looking More Closely” and “Making It Real” features, and 360-degree panoramas focusing on important sites from across the globe. Available standalone and embedded in the ebook.

  • Videos from major museums—including the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum—highlight contemporary artists and explore key works.
  • Looking More Closely and Making It Real animations provide detailed visual analysis and illustrate artistic processes.
  • Interactive 360-degree panoramas transport students to sites in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, providing a sensory learning experience.

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*A within-subject efficacy test designed by Dustin Tingley (Harvard) showed that InQuizitive can help increase history students’ quiz scores by sixteen percentage points.
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