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The following digital resources are included with all new copies of the text or can be purchased stand-alone. Accessibility is at the core of all the products we create, with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the most widely accepted voluntary international standard for accessibility, ensuring that all students will succeed in your course.


Through a variety of question types featuring primary source documents, images, maps and videos, answers pecific feedback, and game-like elements such as the ability to wager points, students are motivated to keep working until they’ve mastered the concepts. Students can access their ebook from InQuizitive if they need help.

  • 20% of the questions for the Sixth Edition are new and revised
  • New Map Exercises for each chapter feature ten questions built around the key maps
  • InQuizitive can help increase history students’ quiz scores by 16 percentage points.*

History Skills Tutorials

The History Skills Tutorials are four interactive, online modules that provide a framework for analyzing primary and secondary source documents, images, and maps that can be found in the text.

  • Author videos guide students through analysis and interpretation
  • interactive assessments provide students the opportunity to practice and apply what they have learned
  • A new “Analyzing Secondary Sources” module offers students a framework for assessing historical interpretations


With Norton Ebooks, students are able to have an active reading experience and can take notes, bookmark, search, highlight, and even read offline. As an instructor, you can even add your own notes for students to see as they read the text. Norton Ebooks can be viewed on—and synced among—all computers and mobile devices.

  • Embedded Author Videos featuring Eric Foner explaining essential developments and difficult concepts, including sixteen new “Who is an American?” videos
  • Enlargeable Images and Maps
  • Pop-up Key Terms definitions within the narrative

What Instructors and Students are Saying

“Easier for students to keep focused and apply what is learned.”

— John P. Williams, Collin College

“It is highly relevant in our nation today.”

— Sara Davis, Edmonds Community College

"It's a great organizing theme and allows for focus on minorities and the disenfranchised through history."

— Sara Davis, Edmonds Community College

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*A within-subject efficacy test designed by Dustin Tingley (Harvard) showed that InQuizitive can help increase history students’ quiz scores by sixteen percentage points. Learn more.
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