Norton is committed to ensuring our course materials are inclusive and support equity-minded teaching.

With the help of instructors and other experts, Norton editors have been expanding our efforts to promote educational equity with our content and pedagogical tools. We’ve crafted a research-based framework of practices that promote conditions in which all students—and, in particular, historically underserved students—can have an equal chance of success.

The principles in our framework include fostering contexts of belonging, promoting culturally responsive teaching, and striving for transparency in assignments.

Our editors and authors are bringing these ideas to bear on our content and learning tools in each discipline. The goal is to help instructors create more equity-minded learning environments and to help ensure students have rigorous, inclusive learning experiences.

To do this effectively and authentically, we could use your help. A strength of Norton’s publishing program has always been the feedback loop between instructors in the disciplines we serve and our authorial and editorial teams. If you are interested in participating (for example, as a reviewer for equity-minded materials we’re developing in your discipline or as a participant in any forthcoming workshops on these topics), or if you simply want to stay in the loop as this initiative unfolds, please fill out this form to sign up. Thank you.