Environmental Justice in the U.S.: How policy can help shape a better future

An Online Lecture and Q&A with Daniel J. Sherman

This student lecture from author Daniel Sherman will explore environmental justice concerns in the U.S. related to land ownership and use, pollution, environmental health and access to environmental amenities like parks and greenspaces. 
We will consider the development of the environmental justice movement and ways in which environmental disparities are rooted in policies of the past and present. Finally, we’ll explore ways in which new policies can incorporate environmental justice concerns into government decision-making. 
A Q&A with author Daniel Sherman will conclude the talk. 

The date of this workshop has passed.
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Daniel J. Sherman and Environmental Science Cover

Daniel J. Sherman is the Luce-Funded Professor of Environmental Policy and Decision Making and director of the Sound Policy Institute at the University of Puget Sound. He studies the role individuals and groups play in environmental politics, policy, and sustainability. Sherman has written Not Here, Not There, Not Anywhere: Politics, Social Movements, and the Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste with Resources for the Future Press in addition to Environmental Science and Sustainability with W. W. Norton.  

He is an award-winning teacher who seeks to engage his students directly in environmental decision-making contexts. Sherman has also written articles about and conducted workshops for faculty on the integration of sustainability across the curriculum. 


Photo credit: Christina Sherman