“Increasing success and equity in organic with specifications grading”

Hosted by Joel Karty


Curious about specification grading? Specifications grading (or standards-based grading) is a system of grading that assesses students according to benchmarks they have met, or mastery they have achieved.

A key element of specifications grading is tying relatively short, focused assessments to specific learning outcomes, often allowing students multiple opportunities to pass each assessment. Thus, relative to traditional grading involving a handful of high-stakes exams, specifications grading is designed to improve equity, promote growth mindset, and reduce anxiety—all of which contribute to greater student success.

In this talk, Joel will outline the version of specifications grading he implemented in his Organic Chemistry II course last spring. Joel will further present some of the positive impacts that specifications grading had on him and his students in that class, and will offer insights into improvements that he plans to implement in the next iteration of specifications grading in his Organic Chemistry II course this spring.

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