“Digital resources to support your Environmental Science classroom”

Hosted by Stacy Loyal and Abby Kehoe


The Second Edition of Environmental Science gives you more ways to engage your students in their ebook as well as activities outside your class to hold them accountable. In this session, we'll demo each of the three digital products that come at no extra cost with a new printed text or the ebook. We'll also cover integration with your campus LMS and your instructor resources.

The Norton Illumine Ebook engages and motivates students with Dynamic Data Figures and interactive Check Your Understanding questions. Students’ progress is tracked in your LMS as they work.

InQuizitive offers a range of questions aimed at helping students understand the science, and ensuring they understand the processes laid out in the text. Students get a personalized experience, will retain key concepts, and come to class prepared.

What Would You Do?
These interactive web-based activities help students understand the impact of personal and policy decisions. Students role-play making choices and consider the environmental consequences of their decisions in a risk-free online environment.

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