“Active Learning and Listening in Music Appreciation with Kerman's Listen and the Norton Illumine Ebook”

Hosted by Lara Dahl (Georgia State University), Alisha Nypaver (Temple University)


Are your music appreciation students always doing the assigned reading or listening homework? Are you looking for more tools that can help you engage students and get them more active in the listening and learning process?

On Wednesday, March 15th at 3:00pm Eastern/12:00pm Pacific, Lara Dahl (Georgia State University) and Alisha Nypaver (Temple University) are hosting a workshop to discuss active learning and listening strategies in music appreciation. They'll also highlight some of the features of the new Norton Illumine Ebook for the new Tenth Edition of Kerman's Listen--a tool they helped develop and author with our media editorial team--and how you can use these tools to help your students be more active and engaged listeners.

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