“California 2022 Midterm Election Analysis with Dr. Melissa Michelson”

Hosted by Dr. Melissa Michelson


California went to the polls on Tuesday, November 8. While only three of 52 U.S. House races in the state were competitive and Democratic party control of the legislature was never in doubt, the election nevertheless brought plenty of drama and high rates of campaign spending. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent hoping to nudge votes on ballot measures. Voters were going to the polls in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, scandals in Los Angeles, and ongoing state debates over homelessness and affordable housing, gas prices, and crime, among other issues. What message did California voters send?

Join Dr. Melissa Michelson, coauthor of Governing California in the 21st Century, as she talks about the results of the midterm elections in California, including statewide races, local races, and state propositions.

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