Engage, Energize, and Experiment: Writing Activities that Foster Belonging in the Composition Classroom


With Deb Bertsch and Harun Karim Thomas



If you’re experiencing a sense of disconnection this semester—as an instructor from students, and students from each other—you’re not alone. Join instructors Deb Bertsch and Harun Karim Thomas as they share what they’ve recently been experimenting with in their first-year writing courses—and how they’ve used these activities to introduce students to personal writing, encourage discussion, and foster a sense of belonging. From “unlikely love letters” to self-written letters of recommendation and more, these class-ready ideas can easily be adapted for any course or modality.

And come celebrate your own experimentation! We encourage you to bring your favorite teaching ideas and activities to share in small-group breakouts at the end, before everyone returns for a final collaborative conversation moderated by Deb and Harun.


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