Practical Strategies for Teaching Peer Review and Peer-Reviewed Articles: Incorporating Meta-Meetings and Students’ Expertise


Assigning peer review and peer-reviewed articles in first-year writing? Join this workshop for practical strategies you can use to promote a more effective and equitable exchange of peer feedback, foster academic literacy, and encourage students to see a future for themselves in scholarship. In this collaborative one-hour session, you will hear from:

• Brian Gogan, who will share a research-backed, equity-minded approach to peer review through the “Feedback Meta-Meeting” model. With examples and case studies from his department, Brian will outline the three-part structure of the model and provide concrete ways instructors can improve the effectiveness and equitability of peer review practice.

• Marianne Kunkel, who will then discuss how she helps students see the connections between sharing their writing with each other and the “peer-reviewed” box they check when searching library databases. In her hands-on activity, students write as experts on a chosen subject—from horror films to anime to making ramen—and then act out the roles that are part of the scholarly peer review process.


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