“Native American History and Freedom in Give Me Liberty! 7e”

Hosted by Eric Foner, Kathleen DuVal, and Lisa McGirr


Too often in U.S. history textbooks, Native Americans are presented in the colonial period as timeless and unchanging, and in the twentieth century as either powerless or absent. Drawing on a wealth of recent scholarship, new Give Me Liberty! co-authors Kathleen DuVal (University of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill) and Lisa McGirr (Harvard University) worked with Eric Foner (Columbia University) to revisit coverage of Native American history in the new Seventh Edition of Foner’s bestselling U.S. history textbook.

In this hourlong workshop, Foner, DuVal, and McGirr will discuss how they collaborated while sharing examples from the revised edition. Emphasizing how the arcs of Native sovereignty, dispossession, and resilience refine our understanding of freedom’s promises and limits, the authors will share ideas for how U.S. history instructors might present this new coverage to their students.

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