“Language Awareness as Raciolinguistic Justice in First-Year Writing: Ideas for Collaborative Classroom Practices”

Hosted by Dr. Jeanine L. Williams and Dr. Emily K. Suh


While many instructors understand that a raciolinguistic justice approach to teaching first-year writing integrates critical language awareness and antiracist education perspectives, they may be looking for support and ideas on how to actually do this work in their classrooms. Raciolinguistic justice is achieved when students and instructors journey together in an examination of the intersections of race and language in reading and writing. This presentation demonstrates this collaborative reflexive practice using prompts that can be added to any writing course that includes reading and writing tasks.

Join us as we explore how these small, targeted prompts—easily adaptable to any assignment—can foster self-reflection and lay the groundwork for critical language awareness and raciolinguistic justice in first-year writing.

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