New edition available Fall 2021

The #1 brief handbook—and one that students say improves their writing

Easy to use and easy to afford, The Little Seagull Handbook, 4th edition, adds new advice for conducting research as it’s done online today, new student model essays, and a new chapter on writing summary/response essays.

In a recent nation-wide survey of more than 240 students assigned The Little Seagull, here’s what they had to say:


said The Little Seagull had a positive impact on their writing.

I really appreciate this book. It has turned something I've always found overwhelming into an achievable action.”


said that The Little Seagull was easy to use.

Out of all of my text books that I have used this year The Little Seagull has been the only one I've used frequently.”


said that using The Little Seagull was easier and more reliable than searching and sifting through information found online.

The table of contents addressed exactly the topics I was looking for and displayed info in a way that was easy to understand and find. Online, some sources don't explain things well or I have to go to multiple websites until I find good examples.”


said InQuizitive improved their editing and/or research skills.

[InQuizitive] was more hands-on, almost as if you were in a classroom and able to receive feedback from an instructor.”

Activities on editing and working with sources that actually motivate students

With InQuizitive for Writers, students learn in an adaptive, game-like environment and receive personalized practice in the areas where they need more help, supported by explanatory feedback and links to the handbook. Includes new activities on “Fact-Checking Sources” and “How to Make the Most of The Little Seagull Handbook.”

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