125,000 students used InQuizitive for Writers in the 22–23 school year. Find out why students—and their instructors—love it.

Practicing in InQuizitive prepares students to draft writing assignments, research with more focus and confidence, and find and edit their own errors.


Dynamic question types go beyond standard multiple choice and instead provide hands-on practice that prepares students for what they need to do in your course. Students engage with sample writing situations, real sources, and authentic sentences by dragging and dropping, clicking, and more.

“I love the dynamism of the questions and the immediate feedback with explanations—it's far and away better than anything I could hand out or even do in class because it's targeted to the individual.”

Teresa Alto, Itasca Community College


Immediate and answer-specific, feedback provides advice exactly when students need it. Explanations are reinforced by definitions as well as ebook links directly to the best-selling brief handbook, The Little Seagull Handbook.

“This is my favorite feature in the entire program! Being able to connect with vetted resources when struggling is key to student growth.”

David Coad, Solano Community College

Adaptive and confidence-building

InQuizitive adapts to provide students more questions in areas where they need it most. And a “Question Confidence” slider allows students to reflect on what they know and rank how confident they feel about their understanding and skills. This structure means less busy work for students who are familiar with the topic, and more substantive practice—without a feeling of being penalized—for students who need or want more.

“The confidence meter does a couple of different things. First, it allows a student to prove their level of knowledge by answering the questions correctly. This way they can spend less time on certain areas. But, it also creates a safe space where they can admit they DON'T know it and can gain confidence at the same time. It's a win-win.”

Danielle Bond, Valdosta State University


Students should spend less time learning a new system, and more time learning and practicing writing. That’s why InQuizitive has a simple interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use, paired with an introductory How to Use InQuizitive activity that makes it clear how to get the most out of assigned activities. And InQuizitive integrates with most learning management systems so that it’s easy to assign activities in the environment with which you and your students are already comfortable.

“It was SUPER fun! I truly enjoyed it, and I found it to be something I looked forward to doing. It didn’t feel like classwork. It felt like a game that stimulated you to think.”

student at California State University East Bay

Foundational Coverage

InQuizitive covers the key writing, researching, and editing skills needed for first-year writing—and now features NEW activities on writing thesis statements, understanding rhetorical situations, developing paragraphs, and more.


  • NEW How to Make the Most of The Little Seagull Handbook
  • How to Use InQuizitive
  • Editing the Errors That Matter (A Comprehensive Activity)

Situations, Processes, & Genres

  • NEW Rhetorical Situations
  • NEW Elements of Argument
  • NEW Thesis Statements
  • NEW Critical Reading Strategies
  • NEW Paragraph Development


  • Finding Sources
  • Evaluating Sources
  • NEW Fact-Checking Sources
  • Synthesizing Ideas
  • Integrating Sources
  • Documenting Sources: MLA Style (2021 update)
  • Documenting Sources: APA Style (2020 update)


  • Comma Splices
  • Fused (Run-on) Sentences
  • Sentence Fragments
  • Mixed Constructions
  • Pronouns in the Wrong Case
  • Pronouns with Unclear Reference
  • Pronouns That Don’t Agree with Their Antecedents
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors
  • Verb Tense and Verb Form Errors


  • Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers
  • Words Often Confused


  • Apostrophe Errors
  • Omitted Commas
  • Unnecessary Commas


  • Incorporating Quotations
  • Punctuating Quotations

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