Seed Money:
Monsanto’s Past and Our Food Future

Hosted By Bartow J. Elmore


W. W. Norton is pleased to offer a special virtual lecture and Q & A with award-winning scholar and teacher Bartow J. Elmore. His new book, Seed Money, is an authoritative history of Monsanto, a St. Louis chemical firm that became the world’s largest maker of genetically engineered seeds. Monsanto merged with German pharma-biotech giant Bayer in 2018—but its Roundup Ready® seeds, introduced twenty-five years ago, are still reshaping the farms that feed us. When researchers found trace amounts of the firm’s blockbuster herbicide in breakfast cereal bowls, Monsanto faced public outcry. But what’s the real story behind Roundup?

In this 30-minute virtual lecture, Elmore will talk about the GMO revolution in food and what we can now say about it 25 years later.

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